Saloni Potdar Senior Technical Staff Member and Engineering Manager

About Me

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I am a Senior Technical Staff Member and Engineering Manager at IBM Watson where I work on Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning. I design and develop algorithms for IBM's conversational AI product - Watson Assistant. I got my Masters degree at the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University in 2014.

What I’m currently working on

I work on the Natural Language Understanding components which includes intent classification, entity recognition, spellcheck and irrelevant detection. These features are supported across 13 languages and newly introduced universal language feature that supports more languages. The algorithms are designed to be custom-trained for customers globally, deployed at scale with hundreds of thousands of models in production and serves more than 1.9% of the world’s population every month.

Awards & Recognition

  1. Master Inventor
  2. Corporate Award 2021 - Watson Assistant
  3. Outstanding Technical Achievement Award 2021 - State-of-the-art algorithms for intent classification and entity recognition in Watson Assistant
  4. Research AI Accomplishment (A-level) 2020 - Meta-Learning for Low-Resource NLP
  5. Corporate Award 2020 - Language enablement for Watson Services
  6. Women in Leadership Program 2019 - I was one of the 25 women leaders across IBM selected for the fully funded eCornell certificate program
  7. Corporate Award 2018 - Watson Conversation Service
  8. Best of IBM 2018 - Awarded to less than 1000 employees globally contributions to IBM’s business
  9. Eminence and Excellence Award 2017
  10. Outstanding Technical Achievement Award 2016 - Watson Conversation Service
  11. Invention Achievement Awards

Selected Patents

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Selected Publications

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Blog and News

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